Presenting the Breathalyzer Sister Concept, the Textalyzer: But Will the Law Allow It?

police car

The laws surrounding drinking and driving are strong and enforced, but drinking and then getting behind the wheel isn’t the only problem. There are also issues with distracted driving, and one of the biggest distractions is texting. While a number of campaigns have come out against texting, using social media, or taking selfies behind the […]

The Car-Less Accident: Surviving After Being Hit by a Car


Getting hit by a car is a traumatic, life-altering experience. You were fortunate not to have been killed, but you may face disability or months of physical therapy. Even if your physical injuries weren’t life-threatening, pedestrians or cyclists hit by cars often suffer emotional and mental anguish. You may experience the effects of post-traumatic stress […]

5 Tips for Teaching Your Child About Animal Safety

dog and kid

While animals, particularly dogs and cats, can be exceptional companions, they can also be dangerous. Animals can attack at any time, even an animal that never seemed to show aggression or indicated that they were likely to attack. Children are particularly susceptible to animal attacks because they have a more difficult time interpreting the subtle […]

Cataclysmic Careers: The Top 5 Career Choices That May Lead to Your Demise

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There are about as many ways to determine the most dangerous careers as there are careers.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics uses a methodology called Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries – Hours-Based Rates and that is the basis for this post. Excluded from the fatality injury rates are workers under age 16, resident military members, […]