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Truck Accident Causes

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The Underlying Causes Of Truck Collisions

In the fleeting moment of an 18-wheeler accident resulting in serious injuries, life takes an abrupt turn. Such a collision can lead to enduring harm, altering one’s capacity to engage in activities once enjoyed. Recognizing the gravity of this situation, the law grants injury victims the right to seek redress for the physical, mental, and emotional toll inflicted by the negligence of the responsible party.

Accidents with big trucks are complex because they can involve the truck driver, the trucking company, the maker of the truck or its parts, and the person who loaded the cargo. There are also many state and federal rules that these groups must follow to prevent accidents. To get the right compensation, it’s important to know who was involved and understand their specific responsibilities. If more than one party caused the accident, each one should be held responsible based on their share of the blame.

At Dashner Law Firm, we possess over three decades of litigation experience, advocating for our injured clients against truck drivers and trucking companies. Our extensive involvement in this legal realm has enabled us to secure millions in compensation for those we represent. We intimately grasp the transformative impact of severe injuries on our clients’ lives and exert every effort to secure just compensation within the bounds of the law.

Should you or a loved one find yourselves, victims of grave injury or fatality, due to a truck accident, do not hesitate to reach out to our Texas truck accident attorneys. We offer a complimentary case consultation, guiding you through the intricate litigation process and fervently pursuing every iota of compensation you are rightfully owed by law.

Finding Out What Caused Truck Accidents

truck accident causes- truck accident lawyers TX - Dashner Law FirmTruck accidents manifest due to a myriad of causes that can inflict severe injuries and warrant accountability from the responsible party. If you’ve been ensnared in a truck accident, the initial stride involves ascertaining the nature of the incident and its causative factors. This information plays a pivotal role in identifying the party answerable for the accident and acquiring the evidence essential for proving negligence.

Speeding Semi Trucks The prevalence of excessive speed in 18-wheeler accidents is significant. Despite the admonitions against overspeeding, truckers often disregard speed limits to meet schedules or bolster deliveries. Such speeding semis pose peril to anyone unfortunate enough to intersect their paths.

Distracted Truck Drivers Distracted driving emerges as a prime catalyst for injury and fatality, claiming over 3,000 lives in 2020. Safe driving is jeopardized when attention veers to other matters. Texting is a frequent distraction, with reading a text taking an average of five seconds—akin to driving a football field’s length with eyes shut. Distractions can be physical, mental, or a fusion of both. Though cell phone use by commercial truck drivers is strictly prohibited by federal law, many persist in this hazardous behavior.

Fatigued Driving The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approximates that nearly 800 fatalities and 50,000 injuries annually stem from drowsy driving. The actual toll is likely higher, given the challenge of discerning drowsy driving instances. Truckers, navigating extensive distances routinely, are more susceptible to fatigue-induced driving. Trucking companies incentivizing swift load deliveries exacerbates this problem, prompting lawmakers to establish laws limiting driving time without adequate rest.

Aggressive Driving Analogous to other motorists, truck drivers too may adopt aggressive driving habits, imperiling fellow road users. Reckless behaviors, such as tailgating or weaving through traffic, disregard the safety of others. Such truck driver aggression, an avoidable risk, often culminates in serious accidents and fatalities.

Failure to Check Blind Spots Blind spots pose severe threats to truck drivers. Maneuvering to evade hazards is crucial, and blind spots impede drivers’ hazard detection capacity. Adequate mirror adjustment and vigilant checking before and after maneuvers can help truckers manage blind spots. Neglecting to do so while merging or changing lanes may culminate in tragic accidents involving other vehicles.

Unfamiliarity with Routes Navigating unfamiliar territory warrants heightened caution. Prudent truck drivers and companies predetermine routes to acclimate themselves with roads and preempt road hazards or challenging turns unsuitable for trucks.

Driving Under the Influence The impairing impact of intoxicants on judgment, reflexes, and reaction times renders driving under the influence perilous. The risk escalates exponentially when substantial trucks are involved. Commercial vehicle operators, including truck drivers, are subject to a lower 0.04% BAC limit compared to the standard 0.08% for other motorists. Being on the road while impaired is not only illegal but egregiously negligent, leading to liability for resultant accidents and injuries.

Parking or Stopping on Roads Ceasing on highways or adjacent areas is exceedingly hazardous, often resulting in severe collisions. The frequency of such accidents, especially with semi-trucks on shoulders, prompted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to mandate warning triangles or flares. While certain instances may seem unavoidable, proper maintenance can avert such perils, eliminating the need to halt in unsafe zones.

Diminished Visibility Bright, conspicuous materials on trailers and truck tractors’ rear are mandated by federal and state regulations. Reflective strips on trailers enhance nocturnal visibility, curbing collisions with trailers’ sides or rears in reduced visibility or poor weather. These measures also mitigate accidents involving trailer-less truck tractors.

Unsafe Maneuvers – Commercial driver’s license holders must adhere to specific safety rules. However, adherence may falter, leading to reckless driving. Neglecting these safety norms results in fatal consequences.

Perilous Road Conditions Though truckers may not be culpable for road conditions, they must be prepared for hazards like potholes and sharp turns. Adequate training to navigate perilous conditions is vital, yet this vigilance doesn’t always manifest, often culminating in accidents.

Inclement Weather Responsible truck drivers adjust speed to adverse weather conditions like snow, rain, and dust to accommodate impaired visibility. Ignoring hazardous weather is a precursor to accidents.

Negligent Maintenance and Repair Regular inspections and repairs sustain safe truck operation. Timely brake checks, tire inspections, and suspension assessments forestall common accident causes.

These factors collectively underscore the intricate web of circumstances that give rise to truck accidents. Staunch adherence to safety protocols, meticulous vehicle maintenance, and cautious driving serve as critical safeguards to mitigate these accidents’ dire consequences.

How The Dashner Law Firm Can Help

At The Dashner Law Firm, our experienced Texas truck accident attorneys are dedicated to handling your claim from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your health and recovery. We can:

  • Provide Legal Advice
  • Gather Evidence
  • Identify Liable Parties
  • Calculate Damages
  • Negotiate Aggressively
  • Powerful Trial Presentation

Acting quickly is crucial in truck accident cases, as time-sensitive evidence can disappear, and defendants may attempt to cover their tracks. Our determined truck accident attorneys waste no time in identifying all potential at-fault parties and exploring every avenue for compensation. We leave no stone unturned to build a compelling case that proves your injuries and losses were the direct result of the truck accident. Our ultimate goal is to fight tirelessly for the maximum possible compensation, ensuring that you receive the justice and financial support you need to move forward with your life.


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