How to Make a Car Accident Police Report

A wrecked white car on the shoulder of a highway beside the words "Car Accident Police Reports"

A car accident can be both a confusing and frightening experience. One of the first things you’ll be asked to do is provide a police report. This report is often necessary if you want to file an insurance claim, and will also be important if you need to pursue further compensation from the person responsible. […]

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A man sits at a table beside a Lady Justice statue, a gavel, and the words "What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?"

Getting injured can be frustrating, especially when you’re injured because of the negligent, reckless, or even deliberate actions of someone else. When this happens, you need a personal injury attorney to protect your rights and advocate for your best interests. Each state has laws designed to protect people who suffer physical, emotional, and financial damages […]

What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Scales sit in a courtroom beside the words "What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit"

When a person’s negligent actions cause the death of another person, an eligible family member may be entitled to bring a wrongful death lawsuit to court. Depending on the circumstances, a criminal prosecution may also be brought to court, but the wrongful death suit itself is civil in nature, and therefore separate from the criminal suit. Wrongful […]

How Do You Drive Safely on Icy Roads?

A few cars can be seen driving on an icy road

This winter has been the coldest one the area has had in a few years. These colder temperatures combined with freezing rain and snow can make Texas roadways dangerously slippery. As the temperatures drop, road surfaces become icy, which can lead to accidents. Keep the following tips in mind this winter as you drive on icy […]

Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Open bottle of pills spilling onto the counter

Every year, thousands of people are injured by defective products. In the field of law, this area is known as product liability. The defective product may result from an inherent design flaw, a manufacturing defect or a failure to provide an adequate written warning about a product’s potential hazards. The list of potentially defective products […]