Driving Safe in Wet Weather

View from a driver

When the roads are wet there’s a higher chance for car accidents. Stopping distance is lengthened and people can find that their vehicles slide more easily, as well. Because of the increased risk, driving more carefully is important. You can’t control what other drivers do, but there are ways you can reduce your risk of getting […]

Motorcycle Safety: Sharing the Road with Bikers

A motorcyclist prepares to enjoy a ride into the sunset

Did you know that over one-half of all motorcycle accidents involve collisions with other vehicles? Sure, some accidents are certainly caused by the negligence of bikers yet automobile drivers also cause plenty of collisions. Let’s take a look at some quick and easy tips that will help you keep yourself and your fellow motorcyclists as […]

Defective Drugs and a Victim’s Right to Compensation

Perscription pills scattered over a stack of cash on top of a prescription pad

Since the 1950s, the pharmaceutical industry has been developing drugs aimed at treating the symptoms of nearly every condition known to medical science. Much of the resulting treatments have helped to prolong the length and quality of our lives considerably while others- frankly- have presented a setback to the health outcomes of patients. When Drugs Cause […]