Critical Steps to Take With a Work Injury

An injured worker lies on the floor

Work Injury Benefits The last thing most people expect to happen is being injured in the workplace. People’s attention and expectations for the day are typically focused on meetings, tasks, deadlines, and team projects, not on planning how to stabilize and recover from a personal injury. As a result, injuries are often chaotic surprises where […]

How to Submit a Construction Accident Claim

Safety Equipment in a Construction Trailer

If you were injured in a construction accident the consequences could be catastrophic. You may be drowning in medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and not be able to go back to work for an extended amount of time. You need an experienced construction accident attorney on your side. Below is the general process of how a construction claim is […]

Keeping Yourself Safe on the Job

A construction worker falls off a ladder

No matter where you work, it’s always important to have a contingency plan for the worst-case scenario. In the tragic circumstances that a construction accident injury does occur, swift but smart action is crucial to securing a positive outcome. For workplace injuries, you should seek medical help as quickly as possible and then consult an […]