DWI/DUI accidents are often known as drunk driving accidents or drunk driving crashes. It is a collision involving one or more motor vehicles that were caused by a DUI/DWI in which the driver was intoxicated or otherwise using drugs while operating or driving the vehicle. 

Hiring a lawyer might be quite advantageous if you were hurt in a DUI accident and are unsure of your legal rights. You should consult with a reputable legal company, like The Dashner Law Firm, as soon as you receive medical care. The Dashner Law Firm has a team of experienced DUI accident attorneys that can help you along the way. Continue reading to know the benefits of hiring the right lawyer for you. 


Benefits of DWI Accident Attorneys:

  • Help You Obtain Just Compensation

Accidents caused by drunk drivers may result in fatalities, severe disabilities, or other outcomes. You may concentrate on getting better by hiring a DUI accident attorney to represent you and bring the negligent parties accountable. You may benefit from your DUI accident lawsuit by gaining:

    • Needed medical attention
    • Emotional adversity
    • Lost future salary
    • Rehabilitation services

Additionally, you might be given punitive damages. An experienced DUI accident attorney can submit a claim with the drunk driver’s insurance provider on your behalf and demand fair recompense for your losses.


  • Lessen Your Financial Burden

DWI Attorney can enable you to pursue justice without paying any out-of-pocket expenses.

Financial limitations prevent many victims of drunk driving from filing legal claims. Many law firms, however, operate on a contingency basis and don’t receive payment until your case is successful. If you are wounded and unable to work, contingent fees may be especially beneficial.


  • Avoiding a Dismissal in the Event of a Trial

Your legal team will be ready to go to court if the insurance company is unable to reach a settlement. The approach taken by your attorney will have a big influence on whether the judge decides to hold the responsible party accountable for their acts. You can be represented at every stage of the process by a DUI accident lawyer.


At The Dashner Law Firm, our team is familiar with the strategies insurance providers employ in settlement negotiations to lower claim settlements. While you recover, your experienced DWI accident attorneys in Texas can gather proof and put together a compelling argument. Working with us will give you peace of mind knowing someone is looking out for your best interests. Contact us at 972-793-8989 for inquiries!

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