When you have been injured on the clock, it can be scary to speak up out of worry for losing your job. However, a work-related injury needs to be dealt with quickly in order for you to receive full compensation for your damages. Below are a few steps that are crucial in taking when you have been injured at work.

Get Medical Help

After an injury, you need to seek medical care as soon as possible. Given the proper treatment will help to lessen pain and promote proper healing. Seeing a doctor also provides you with proof of the injury and a record of when it occurred. If you are filing a worker’s compensation claim, you will be required to visit a doctor who is on the Workers’ Compensation Division’s Approved List of Doctors (ADL).

Talk To An Attorney

It is very important that you speak to an attorney right away if you have been injured at work. Choose a few attorneys in your local area that you can schedule a consultation with. Bring your doctor’s report and any other pertinent information with you to the meeting. A good attorney will listen attentively and give insight to your case. They will let you know what next steps to take in order to bring your claim.

Notify Your Employer

Within 30 days of your injury or the diagnosis of your illness, you are required to notify your employer. This is why it is so important to act quickly to receive medical treatment and find an experienced personal injury attorney. If you wait too long, you may be banned from bringing your case at all due to the statute of limitations.

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