Planning on Texting and Driving in Texas? It’s Illegal Starting Sept 1

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Starting on the first of September, 2017, texting and driving will be illegal in Texas. Many other states already prohibit this behavior, and it is just one more step toward making Texas roads safer and more secure for all drivers. Preventing accidents when behind the wheel is very important, and studies have shown that accident […]

5 Ways to Better Ensure You Get Justice After an Auto Accident

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If you have been involved in a car accident you are probably upset. The negligent driver has caused you a lot of pain and suffering. The physical discomfort is one thing. It can take months to get back on your feet again. But, there are also the mounting bills to pay. Perhaps you have missed time […]

Calling Your Insurance Company After an Accident

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Few events in life come as out of the blue as car accidents, and few events cause so much pain and stress. In an instant, your world changes – sometimes forever. If you’re not badly injured, one of your first impulses is to call the insurance company. Unless the accident is quite minor and no one […]

To Call or not Call the Police After a Car Accident

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Because car accidents are highly unpredictable most people go through a state of confusion for up to 30 minutes after the accident has occurred. Unfortunately, that’s also enough time for legal problems to occur that can make an accident a lot worse if the wrong decisions are made, particularly as to whether a police officer […]

Worst Intersections in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

Top down view of an intersection in a city

Driving in Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) can be quite dangerous, depending on which intersections you have to drive through. Whether the intersection is known for frequent accidents or it’s a stretch of highway that is constantly congested, your chances of crashing in those areas are higher than elsewhere. Some intersections may be dangerous because […]

Presenting the Breathalyzer Sister Concept, the Textalyzer: But Will the Law Allow It?

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The laws surrounding drinking and driving are strong and enforced, but drinking and then getting behind the wheel isn’t the only problem. There are also issues with distracted driving, and one of the biggest distractions is texting. While a number of campaigns have come out against texting, using social media, or taking selfies behind the […]