Tips For Keeping Your Teen Safe on The Roadways

A teenage boy learning to drive

The thought of putting your most precious possession –your teenage child– behind the steering wheel of a 3,000 plus pound vehicle is terrifying, to say the least. In addition, you can’t control the other drivers on the road. Drivers who aren’t as concerned with your child’s safety as you are. According to, aggressive drivers […]

Be Aware of These Deadly Roads

A frightening curve on a mountain road

While Texas roadways didn’t make the top 5 roadways for deaths during the most recent calendar years, this doesn’t mean the roadways are perfectly safe. If you and your family are considering a road trip, you should be aware of the dangers of the roadways in the United States. Millions of miles are traveled on […]

Driving Safe in Wet Weather

View from a driver

When the roads are wet there’s a higher chance for car accidents. Stopping distance is lengthened and people can find that their vehicles slide more easily, as well. Because of the increased risk, driving more carefully is important. You can’t control what other drivers do, but there are ways you can reduce your risk of getting […]