Multi-Vehicle Car Accident: Who’s At Fault?

Car accidents can be challenging enough to deal with when there are only two vehicles involved, but when you add one or more additional vehicles to the equation, it can be difficult to determine exactly who is at fault. At Dashner Law, we are familiar with the complexities of each individual car accident lawsuit. We can help clients prove fault in their matter and receive the compensation they need in order to move on and heal from their injuries.

Initial Investigators

Those who are in charge of determining fault for multi-car accidents change from event to event. Initially, if police officers are called to the scene of an accident, they will attempt to determine fault for the pileup in order to issue citations and to help prevent the incident from occurring again. While gathering information, the officers will interview the drivers and witnesses, and they will examine the vehicles for evidence. After they believe they have a firm understanding of what has occurred, the officers will often issue any citations, permanently indicating that one, both, or neither of the parties had fault in the accident.

Attorneys and Insurance Companies

While the responding officer’s findings are not considered the end of the conversation, they do bear weight during negotiations for settlement of a car accident lawsuit. If negotiations prove unfruitful, attorneys and the clients they represent are able to prove their cases by filing personal injury claims with the court. If a case is not settled outside of court, the judge or jury will ultimately decide who was at fault in the accident. A good attorney will make their own determination about who is at fault before the case really begins, and will present their position throughout a car accident lawsuit. Insurance companies are likely to do the same while trying to determine how much a case is worth and whether the claim should be satisfied.

If you have any questions regarding a multi-car accident, our injury attorneys at Dashner Law can help. Contact us at 972-793-8989  to discuss your matter.

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