Unique Approach To Personal Injury Cases

Texas Lawsuit and Claim Process

Anyone seriously injured because of another party’s recklessness or negligence can seek compensation via a lawsuit. Many types of lawsuits have a statute of limitations or time limit within which the lawsuit must be filed. In Texas, most personal injury cases have a two-year statute of limitations from the accident causing the injury. For a wrongful death lawsuit, the two-year statute dates from the time of death. Your attorney will inform you about the relevant statutes of limitation in your case.

Consult with an Attorney

A person suffering a serious injury needs a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney to fight for them. The Dashner Law Firm, with offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, and McAllen, Texas, provides personal injury law services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. At Dashner Law Firm, we will evaluate your particular situation and determine whether you have a case.

Establish Terms of Attorney Representation

A lawyer does not represent a client until both parties sign an engagement agreement. An attorney cannot represent anyone with whom he may have a conflict of interest. Such conflicts may involve current or previous clients or issues of a personal nature. The attorney representation agreement delineates the attorney/client relationship.

If you have any questions, ask your attorney before signing the agreement. The terms of the agreement include any retainer, fees, and a payment schedule. If your case is taken on contingency, the agreement will state the percentage of any award due to the lawyer. The agreement should also state that other expenses, including litigation, are deducted from the award. It will state whether those expenses are deductible before or after the contingency fee calculation. The terms make clear whether fees vary depending on whether the case settles, heads to trial or is appealed.

Negotiations with the Defendant and Insurance Company

If you are in an accident, there are two primary issues to consider. The first is getting medical attention, even if you do not think you were badly hurt. The second is what not to do, and that involves signing any agreements with the insurance company. The other party’s – or defendant’s -insurance company wants you to settle for as little as possible and will try to get you to agree to an offer while you are still experiencing the physical, emotional, and mental effects of an accident. Your attorney knows whether a compensation offer is reasonable, and can help you negotiate the insurance claim process. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, the case heads to trial.

Filing the Lawsuit

The plaintiff, or injured party, files the lawsuit with the clerk of the court. The lawsuit is also known as the petition. The person or business against whom the suit is filed is the defendant. The defendant then receives legal notice regarding the suit filed against them. After the clerk of the court issues a citation, a process server then “serves” the defendant with the citation. Most likely, the defendant files a counterclaim with the court. If there is no response from the defendant, or the defendant does not appear at trial on a later date, the judge may order a “default judgment.”

More often, the defendant’s insurance company’s lawyer sends an answer known as a “general denial.” This means the plaintiff must provide proof of the allegations in the petition. The answer may include defenses to claims made in the suit.

Written Discovery

The discovery process permits each side in a lawsuit to ask each other for case-related information. Each side must show the other any evidence they intend to use in the suit. The responses must be submitted within the time allowed by law. There are various types of discovery, including:


  • Response to written questions between the parties, with the responding party writing under oath.
  • Request for disclosure – this request asks for the legal names of all parties, the factual basis and legal theories behind the lawsuit or the defense, and contact information for individuals possessing applicable information regarding the case.
  • Requests for admissions – this allows one side to ask the opposing side to admit or deny facts relating to the case. Such requests are made in writing, with each separate request listed as such in the document. If one side cannot answer these questions or objects to them, they must explain the reason for not answering or objecting.
  • Requests for examination – allowing the other party to examine documents – including emails, texts, and other electronic media – or property or physical items relating to the case. These requests must specify the time and place for the examination of the items, within a reasonable limit.
  • Physical or mental examinations – such examination usually requires a court order from a judge, who decides whether such a procedure is relevant to the facts of the case.


Depositions are interviews performed under oath and taken down by a court reporter. Such interviews may be conducted in person or via telephone, an electronic medium or in writing. Parties involved in the case are not the only ones subject to deposition. Witnesses or others with relevant information to the case may be deposed. There are strict rules regarding depositions, including noticing, location, time limits, and areas of questioning. Should the case go to trial, depositions may be used in court.


The goal of mediation is reaching a settlement. That does not always happen, but it is a last attempt to settle the case before going to trial. In Texas, mediation is necessary before a civil suit heads to court. In mediation, lawyers for both parties meet in an attorney’s office and discuss the case in front of a mediator. That individual is usually a retired judge. Once both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s attorneys speak, each goes into a separate room. The mediator meets with both of them, going back and forth in an attempt to reach a settlement. The mediator might recommend ways of resolving the issues, but he or she is not acting as a judge and cannot force a settlement.

The plaintiff and defendant do not have to say anything during mediation. If you do comment, it is considered privileged information – it cannot be used against you in the suit. A mediation session is not recorded. If seeing the person who caused the injury is distressing, you do not have to stay in the room with that individual.

Jury Trial

The overwhelming majority of personal injury cases are settled, but those cases that do not settle head to trial. In civil cases, either a jury or a judge renders the decision. It’s not a “guilty” or “not guilty” situation as occurs in a criminal trial. Unlike a criminal trial, where the burden of proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt,” in a civil trial it is based on the preponderance of the evidence. If your attorney thinks a jury trial is preferable, it is necessary to file a written request with the clerk of the court within a certain period.

In a civil trial, each attorney presents an opening statement. The plaintiff bears the burden of proof, so they and their witnesses and evidence go first. Besides witnesses, such evidence may include police reports, medical records, and copies of pay stubs or other information verifying lost wages.

There is a direct examination of the witnesses by the plaintiff’s lawyer and cross-examination by the attorney for the defendant. Then the defendant’s lawyer put forth their witnesses and evidence, with the opposite sides now directly or cross-examining witnesses. When both sides finish presenting evidence, the case goes to the jury along with questions. When the jury makes their decision, they will answer such questions either as “yes” or “no.”

Although the questions vary according to the situation, an affirmative answer generally means they side with the plaintiff, and a negative answer with the defendant. For example, the question may be posed to the jury as, “Do you find on the preponderance of the evidence that Thomas Johnson was driving his truck over the posted speed limit of 50 miles per hour?”

It is possible to settle a case even during a trial. Once the case is settled, it is over.

Legal Information About Texas Personal Injury Law

The Dashner Law Firm presents a list of helpful resources for our clients and the general public. Check out these websites and articles for more details on a variety of legal specialties. Contact our Texas personal injury attorneys for specific answers to your questions.

Consultation on all legal matters is free. For expert legal assistance, call 972-793-8989.

  • U.S. Constitution
  • Federal Agencies
  • Legal Dictionary
  • Federal Branches, Courts, and Laws

Should a trial be the only alternative, Mr. Dashner is readily able to present your case before any judge and jury to seek the maximum judgment on your behalf. Our goal is to ensure that the substantial settlements and judgments we win, remind those negligent parties that they cannot avoid responsibility for their harmful actions.


If you have been injured in an accident, then the Dashner Law Firm can help you. Call our personal injury lawyers today at 972-793-8989 to speak with an attorney about your situation. The consultation is free and, if you cannot come to us because of your injuries, we’ll come to you.


Mr. Dashner gives his personal attention to his clients. He’s one of the only attorneys who give you his direct line and is available to answer your questions and ensure you are taken care of. You can expect frequent updates, personal attention, and a solid ally when you work with Mr. Dashner. You’ll never pay money out-of-pocket for Mr. Dashner’s services. He does not collect until you do.


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Karen Gomez
17:14 04 Mar 24
El grupo Dashner Law Desde el principio hasta el final de mi caso, todos en la firma trabajaron en mi caso. Respondí cada uno de mis correos electrónicos con una respuesta rápida y detallada. La Ley Dashner y su equipo me dieron más dinero del que pensé que iba a obtener. Mi confianza en este bufete de abogados en particular va más allá de todas las expectativas. Quiero agradecer a todos personalmente, especialmente a Iliana, Stefanie, Michelle y Tina, por ayudar y cerrar mi caso



At Dashner Law Firm, we pride ourselves on the positive feedback from our Texas clients, reflecting our commitment to excellence in personal injury law. Our client Google reviews highlight our dedication to personalized attention, legal expertise, and unwavering support, underscoring our success in securing favorable outcomes and the profound impact we’ve made on the lives of those we represent.

El grupo Dashner Law Desde el principio hasta el final de mi caso, todos en la firma trabajaron en mi caso. Respondí cada uno de mis correos electrónicos con una respuesta rápida y detallada. La Ley Dashner y su equipo me dieron más dinero del que pensé que iba a obtener. Mi confianza en este bufete de abogados en particular va más allá de todas las expectativas. Quiero agradecer a todos personalmente, especialmente a Iliana, Stefanie, Michelle y Tina, por ayudar y cerrar mi caso
17:14 03/04/24
Had a great experience working with the firm. Expert and competent lawyers. Case was managed with minimal effort/interaction from my side which made everything go seamless. Everyone was super helpful, definitely recommend.
17:36 03/01/24
The Dashner Law firm team including Ms. ILIANA has been a pleasure to work with throughout our process. Claims have been settled and definitely recommend this amazing law firm team. They made this easy from beginning to the end. Per Jacob Klawitter and Jeaniva Gomez.
15:52 02/28/24
El grupo Dashner Law Desde el principio hasta el final de mi caso, todos en la firma trabajaron en mi caso. Respondí cada uno de mis correos electrónicos con una respuesta rápida y detallada. La Ley Dashner y su equipo me dieron más dinero del que pensé que iba a obtener. Mi confianza en este bufete de abogados en particular va más allá de todas las expectativas. Quiero agradecer a todos personalmente, especialmente a Iliana, Stefanie, Michelle y Tina, por ayudar y cerrar mi caso
18:02 02/21/24
Absolutely amazing law firm. Exceeded my family's expectations. Their professionalism was on display everday!
20:15 02/20/24
I am greatly appreciated The Dashner Law Firm they worked on my car accident and did a great job fighting and doing what they can to help me as much as they can I want to thank Geoffrey, Iliana and Tina for Everything they did couldn't have asked for a better team.
22:11 02/14/24
I recently was involved in a car accident, The Dashner Law, help me get through and took care of everything, Iliana kept me updated until my case was resolved.Highly recommended if you need an attorney.thank you,
17:59 02/14/24
Extremely professional with an amazing cast. Great legal representation! Blake’s professionalism is top notch along with his kindness and genuineness. I highly recommend.
20:55 02/13/24
Blake H. was great. Responsive and professional. Would work with Dashner again.
17:23 02/11/24
Iliana and Michelle, best service and great personal and professional!!! I would highly recommend the dashner law firm to friends and family!
04:46 02/09/24
Over all experience was amazing!! Iliana did an amazing job and answered all my questions. The law firm has been amazing as well and was very attentive and great over all!!
03:04 02/09/24
I have had the best experience with The Dashner Law Firm Iliana helped me and treated me like I mattered since the beginning. They truly get the job done and make sure they fight for what you deserve!
22:16 02/08/24
Truly the best! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Iliana is superb, she is so knowledgeable and has communicated everything to me regarding my case. The whole process has been seamless, I’m so glad to have chosen the Dashner Law firm to represent me in my case.
21:39 02/08/24
The Dashner Law firm was very easy to work with! They made sure to keep me updated on how my case was going and everyone who helped me was very nice and professional! Iliana and Michelle were great to work with.
21:26 02/08/24
Geoffrey is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He went the extra mile for me during the entire process and put me completely at ease during our initial conversation. I highly recommend Geoffrey’s services. - Jason Kos
03:38 02/08/24
I am so glad I have used The Dashner Law Firm for two cases, both settling in my favor. They managed to cover my medical expenses at no cost to me. It was a super swift and stress free process while I focused on recovery. Give them a call, they will go above and beyond for your needs!
22:25 02/07/24
Jeff was awesome
18:29 01/29/24
Mr. Dashner, Tina and the whole team has worked so hard for me and I glad I choose these team to work on my case. Recommend them to anyone who needs reputation for any injury.
04:09 01/29/24
This was my first time hiring a The Dashner Law was amazing and helpful! The team made the process fast and easy and informed me on everything I needed to know. Not only do they make the whole process comfortable but they also reinsure that you're in good hands. Thank you guys!
20:21 01/24/24
Thank you so much for helping me after my car accident. Everything was handled in a timely and professional manner. Blake and Tomas were so helpful. They handled all the legal stuff, the rental car and the medical treatments I needed. So grateful for everything. God forbid this ever happens to me again, I know exactly who I’m going to call to represent me.
21:37 01/05/24
Fantastic law firm.Excellent advice and representation. Iliana, Michelle and Stefanie were not only very knowledgeable but also warm and caring. My case had alot of odd circumstances and these ladies went above and beyond. Case was settled, very happy with the results.Need an attorney give them a call you won't be disappointed.
22:37 12/18/23
Blake t. Very good nice thanks so much
20:03 12/07/23
The Dashner law firm worked my trip & fall case & I’m very grateful. Mr Dashner kept me informed me every step of the way! I definitely recommend their services! Thank you Mr Dashner
02:09 11/28/23
The Dashner Law group From start to finish of my case everyone at the firm worked on my case. Answered each of my emails with a quick detailed response. The Dashner Law & his team got me more money than I thought I was gonna get. My trust & confidence in this particular law firm goes beyond every expectation. I want to thank everyone personally especially Iliana, Michelle and Tina for helping & closing my case.
21:22 11/13/23
Thank you to the dashner law firm for representing my case. I am 100% satisfied with the service and would recommend to anyone needing help with anything.
19:52 11/08/23
I was involved in a slip and fall recently while I was still underage. Thank you to Geoffrey and Iliana for working with me throughout my case and making sure I was in good hands every step of the way.
19:43 11/08/23
I’m extremely thankful to the dashner law firm for solving my case. Iliana and her team were especially helpful communicating thoroughly and clearly throughout the whole cast and answering any questions or concerns I had. I would highly recommend the dashner law firm to friends and family.
19:41 11/08/23
Good lawyers.. really good help
17:32 10/26/23
I’ve recently gotten into a car crash. I was lost on who to ask for help. Came across the dashner law firm, iliana & her team were very on point with communicating till my case was closed. In result of that I highly recommend!
22:00 10/07/23
Very glad I got in touch with Mr. Dashner after my auto accident. I realized I needed counsel after talking to the other party's insurance and they weren't very clear about paying for my medical expenses.The settlement in my case was more than expected. Mr. Dashner and Tina helped to get me as much as possible with the insurance. I would not hesitate to recommend Dashner Law Firm to family and friends.
19:36 10/05/23
Got me my money quickly. Very nice
19:50 09/29/23
I would like to thank The Dashner Law Firm in particular Iliana & her team very professional and most importantly very concerned of my well being she kept me informed about my case from start to my settlement…I highly recommend The Dashner Law Firm to my family & friends! Outstanding service.
15:42 09/25/23
Very helpful and professional
02:19 08/26/23
Muy recomendable esta firma de abogados ayudaron mucho en el caso de accidente de mi papá, en especial Iliana es una persona muy amable y siempre nos ayudo en todas las dudas que teníamos, Iliana hizo que el proceso fuera más fácil porque ella habla español.
22:19 08/21/23
Amazing!!! Helped get my car fixed, whiplash treated, and then a year later was surprised with a settlement check that’s a godsend!! So grateful for Mr. Dashner
14:49 08/01/23
Daniel was so friendly and kind. I highly recommended this law firm. My case got closed in less time than I expected. (Less then a year)
21:40 07/25/23
Very professional. Helped every step of the way. I was able to talk to him every time I needed to.
13:45 07/10/23
Attorney Hollingsworth is great to work with and was super responsive and addressed our needs. Thank you so much for listening and being so effective at your job!!
17:28 05/03/23
Mr. Dashner is an excellent attorney with wonderful staff. I HIGHLY recommend him.
21:37 04/28/23
Great people always keeping you in the loop easy to work with.
19:03 04/27/23
Blake is an exceptional attorney at Dashner Law, he is very professional and timely, his entire team is very cordial and eager to help in my very specific needs. I am truly appreciative of the guidance of Blake and the team
20:00 04/21/23
This is an awesome firm to work with. You will not regret your time with them!
18:03 04/11/23
Great firm that helped me out when I was in a bad wreck. The whole team from Tina to Geoffrey Dashner made the process as smooth as possible. These guys kept me informed about all my options and I was happy about the resolution.
19:14 02/25/23
These guys really helped me get through a bad time after my accident. Thank you Tina! Thank you Geoffrey Dashner! Highly recommend them for their experience, communication and track record of success.
15:12 02/25/23
I have worked with firms in the past that were advertised on the radio or billboards and I felt like a number-just a means to an end and sometimes forgotten. The Dashner Law Firm is the complete opposite. They are amazing.When I called the day after my accident, I expected to get an answering sevice but Geoffrey answered himself. He was polite and engaging and the rest of the office followed suite. Their focus was on me and my best interest. This is a firm of integrity and transparency. It was a really great experience.
23:33 02/15/23
Best there is
21:10 01/12/23
Professional staff!
23:00 01/06/23
I had previously left a one star review because, come to find out, the medical provider I went to for treatment after the collision was talking about balance billing me. Mr. Dashner himself called me and explained to me that they can’t do that and told me he would call them and straighten that out tomorrow. I appreciate him taking the time to call me and find out why I wasn’t happy and make sure the place I went to for treatment isn’t trying to pull a fast one one me.
23:02 01/05/23
These guys are great! I used them to help me with a rear end car accident. I am very happy with my attorney Mr Hollingsworth. Thank you guys!
20:14 01/05/23
Awesome service! The attorney always kept me up to date and got me a great settlement really fast.
23:27 01/04/23
Did not know what to do. Bad accident and no help until I called Dashner. There really is a Dashner difference because he helped me and my family hold everything together until the insurance company made a fair settlement. God bless.
18:53 10/27/22
Can't believe how easy the process was! The team at Dashner law walked me through the process and got me more money than I thought and faster than I thought.
21:31 10/17/22
I was on the highway and I got clipped by an 18 wheeler. My case was complicated and I needed a lawyer who works on a lot of truck cases. Dashner Law did a great job for me and I am glad I called.
14:27 10/17/22
My accident was awful. The insurance company lowballed me and luckily I had Geoffrey Dashner as my lawyer. From the property damage to my check at the end, they helped me through the process.
14:24 10/17/22
I enjoyed being on a motorcycle until my accident. It wasn't my fault and had a lot to take care of. The motorcycle team at Dashner took care of my case and I got a better result than I expected.
14:20 10/17/22
Thank you so much to The Dashner Law firm. Gracie and Blake were extremely helpful to me during this whole process. They made sure to keep me informed with every detail of my case. They executed and applied the most pressure to get me the best outcome. Patience is key :) I will always recommend this law firm as they have always gone above and beyond for me and my family.
03:41 07/07/22
Great job Guys good luck 👍
21:56 06/10/22
Dashner Law Firm did a great job with my case! They act with integrity and worked tirelessly to solve my case with the best outcome. They overcame several obstacles along the way and delivered that best outcome I was hoping for. I am very pleased and grateful for everything they did for me. I unequivocally and strongly recommend The Dashner Law Firm.
19:22 05/01/22
Thank you to The Dashner Law Firm for handling my case. I was 100% satisfied! Special thanks to my case manager Iliana and Gracie for keeping me informed and always willing to answer any questions I had. Both ladies were great! Highly recommend.
23:24 03/11/22
Incredible office and friendly staff that helped me sort out my claim quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone.
18:16 03/07/22
The Team at Dashner Law firm really helped me get back up on my feet after my car wreck left me feeling like a pretzel. Cant say enough good things about them.
18:56 01/27/22
Estoy contento con la ayuda profesionalque me brindo y la asistencia en todo momento que yo llamaba para hacer preguntas tanto el personal como el abogado,les doy muchas gracias por todo y les deseo una feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo.pastor José A.Rivera
18:20 12/21/21
The Dashner law firm team made my process very easy and held my hand along every step.All I did was work on recovering from my accident, And the Dashner team did the rest. I will highly recommend them for anyone that’s looking for a great law firm.
17:39 12/17/21
Same day service
06:11 11/16/21
Blake Hollingsworth: professional, personable, and honest was amazing. He was supportive and understanding in pursuing my case, and provided the assurance and confidence needed. He’s a tiger in the legal arena.And Gracie was incredibly wonderful. She is the epitome of kindness and supportive. Truly professional with a warm and helpful smile and attitude. This is a great team!!!!
18:18 11/12/21
So far i am highly impressed! I have been speaking with them on several occasions, they always are helpful and answer my questions. They haven't collected any money from me!Amazing customer service!
11:02 10/06/21
They are nice when I call.
16:22 07/27/21
Excellent and prompt service from Paralegals, Secretaries and Lawyer
16:27 07/23/21
When I was in a car accident, Elton was very professional and very responsive. He explained the situation and the paper work very well and it did not take much time to finish thanks to his assistance. Highly recommend!
01:21 07/22/21
Muy Satisfecha con el resultado obtenido en mi caso, Exelente Atencion y servicio, muy agradecida con su honestidad,por la explicacion detallada del proceso y sin Falsas promesas con respecto a la compensacion monetaria...el resultado totalmente Favorable y Justo..mil Gracias Dashner law firm
01:02 07/22/21
Great service. Helped me perfectly👌🏻
00:19 07/16/21
Nuestra familia usó el bufete abogado Dashner la asistente que trabaja para el señor Dashner llamada Iliana es una persona increíble respondió las preguntas y los correo electrónico de inmediato y se aseguró que estuviéramos lo más satisfecho con el resultado de el casó yo recomiendo a este abogado para accidentes automovilísticos y daños personales.
17:01 07/09/21
Dashner Law Firm really help me out in a tight spot! Thank you
01:54 05/07/21
Very knowledgeable and take charge person, all about his clients! Great person! Would highly recommend his firm!
21:34 03/25/21
Illiana was my paralegal she was very helpful answered all my questions. Called me back just check on me. I was very pleased. Keep up good work.
16:30 02/26/21
Dashner Law Firm resolved my case within a timely manner, staff is professional, very knowledgeable, and responsive. Thank you Dashner Law Firm for all of your hard work!
22:42 11/09/20
I was injured in a car accident and Mr. Dashner and his associates took very good care of me. I thank them for working digently and taking the time to help me when I needed it the most...Again,Thank you!!!
10:31 10/28/20
Could not be more pleased with the service from the Dashner Law Firm and the outcome of my case. I was involved in an accident and was hit from behind while at a stop light. Dashner was helpful, thorough and professional throughout the entire process of engagement to settling my case. I highly recommend them. Eugene Teagle and Gracie Ibarra in particular were AMAZING to deal with. Pros all the way. Thank you Dashner Team.
20:58 10/19/20
Highly recommended.. gracie treated me very well as well as all the staff..!!
19:53 10/06/20
I hired the Dashner Law Firm to represent me in an auto accident that I was in that resulted in a lot of medical bills. The insured that hit me didn’t have the coverage to cover all of the bills. The Dashner Law Firm worked with the hospital, doctors and chiropractic firms to reduce the amount I owed and was able to settle with the insured’s insurance company to get them all paid. The process was easy and they were extremely professional. I would highly recommend the Dashner Law Firm.
23:16 09/19/20
I had a really good experience, they made it easy. Always upfront and honest. Very friendly and answered all your questions and concerns. I got my settlement and I am super excited. Thank you Dashner Law Firm🥳🤗
18:19 03/26/20
I highly recommend Mr. Dashner and his professional law firm. If you require legal representation or advice look no further. Mr. Dashner and his team of professionals work very hard to make sure you have winning results. Great service, great work ! Thank you again Dashner Law Firm!
21:57 03/18/20
One of the few Personal Injury attorneys out there that treats his clients like clients and not numbers. Truly the best in the game. Only person in the industry I'd literally trust my family with. Highly recommend.
18:51 03/04/20
Great attorney's and staff .
17:31 02/05/20
Excellent service
17:25 02/05/20
I recommend The dashner Law Firm! They do everything to help you along the way and make sure your taken care of. The best part is that they speak Spanish 👍🏻
17:23 02/05/20
Great experience with Dashner Law Firm ,kept me informed and updated about my case ,and very good about returning my calls as well . Definitely recommend them to anyone.
17:20 02/05/20
Top notch lawyer and their customer service is unmatched!
17:18 02/05/20



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Dashner | February 4, 2024
Truck Accident Cases vs. Car Accidents - The Dashner Law Firm, Irving, TX

Truck Accident Cases vs Car Accidents: Understanding the Key Differences Motor vehicle accidents can have devastating consequences, regardless of the vehicles involved. However, when it comes to truck accidents and car accidents, there are significant differences that can greatly impact the legal process, the severity of injuries, and the overall aftermath. In this blog, we…

Texas Car Accident Statute of Limitations
Dashner | February 4, 2024
Texas Car Accident Statute of Limitations - The Dashner Law Firm, Irving, TX

Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Car Accident Lawsuits In the aftermath of a car accident, individuals often find themselves dealing with a whirlwind of emotions and logistical challenges. Amidst this chaos, it’s important to be aware of a critical legal concept that can significantly impact your ability to seek compensation: the statute of limitations….

Addressing Pre-Existing Conditions in Wrongful Death Claims
Dashner | February 4, 2024
Addressing Pre-Existing Conditions in Wrongful Death Claims - The Dashner Law, Irving, TX

What if the Deceased Had a Pre-Existing Condition? Navigating Wrongful Death Claims Introduction: Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions is a devastating experience. When pursuing a wrongful death claim, questions and concerns often arise, especially if the deceased had a pre-existing medical condition. In this blog, we will explore…

Expert Negotiation: Attorneys and Trucking Company Settlements
Dashner | February 4, 2024
Expert Negotiation: Attorneys and Trucking Company Settlements - The Dashner Law Firm- Irving, TX

Negotiating with Trucking Companies: The Role of Attorneys in Settlement Talks Truck accidents can result in devastating consequences, often leaving victims with severe injuries, emotional distress, and mounting medical bills. When seeking compensation after a truck accident, negotiating with trucking companies and their insurers can be an intricate and challenging process. This is where the…



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