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Tyler Texas Personal Injury Lawyer: Here to Help You

Accident Victims: Take Care of Yourself First

Becoming an accident victim can cause a massive change in your and your family’s lives. The first thing you should do is make sure your injuries are medically tended to so your body can mend as much as possible. While your body is mending, you must next determine how to move forward. And that may require some legal help.

Why would you want to consider hiring a Tyler Texas personal injury attorney? For one thing, you or your family members may have suffered a very serious injury. Or it could be even worse. Perhaps it was a catastrophic injury where the effects could last a lifetime.

The Injury Was Not Your Fault

No matter what it was, one thing is certain: the injury was directly or indirectly caused by another person. It could’ve been careless, reckless, or negligent. But no matter what the cause, your medical and household bills will continue to pile up.

While you are laid up and unable to go back to your previous lifestyle, all of those bills STILL need to get paid. Plus, you have the ongoing need to provide for yourself and possibly your family too! All of this doesn’t even mention that you didn’t expect this to happen. Your life is now changed for the worse.

Help For Your Personal Injuries

As overwhelming as those changes are, things can be made much better for you. If someone or something caused your injury and it was out of your control, you should NOT be responsible. Legal help from a Tyler Texas personal injury attorney is available to help you understand what your legal options are. And if you choose to have us help you, we will 100 percent be on your side.

You can get a free consultation and become informed of your legal options by calling us here at the highly experienced law firm, Dashner Law. We know how to gather all the facts in your case without missing a single thing. Mr. Dashner will work with you personally throughout your entire case and aggressively defend your legal rights. You deserve fair and just compensation for your injuries. Get treated like the person you are, here at Dashner Law.

Here’s a secret about personal injury cases: settled cases usually result in the best compensation amounts in the most reasonable period of time. Court cases, on the other hand, can take years to settle.

Because we want the highest amount of money for you in the least amount of time, we aim for the settlement first. However, in a case where the settlement won’t result inappropriate compensation for you, we will absolutely go as far as necessary to get you what you deserve.

Let us provide you with a free case evaluation to determine the best path to take in your case.


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Many of the Common Injury Accidents Which Could Require a Tyler Personal Injury Attorney

A serious injury can result from an accident, but the most common causes of personal injuries include:

Types of Personal Injuries

While all personal injuries cause some amount of pain and suffering, the most devastating injuries can change a person who’s been an accident victim for the rest of their life. The most catastrophic injuries can cause permanent damage, preventing the person from ever holding employment or living independently again. These common injuries can be the result of accidents:

Months of pain and the inability to work can even be caused by personal injuries that were non-life-threatening. These injuries include the loss of a digit or other motor skill loss. Because of these injuries, some victims may never return to the jobs they once held because of the injury. Consult our injury accident attorney in Tyler, TX for expediting the tedious looking legal process.

Get Legit Compensation Through Our Personal Injury Attorneys Serving the Tyler Texas Area

Injury compensation, or damages, varies according to several factors. That includes the nature of the accident or injury and the responsible party – plaintiff’s – insurance coverage. In Texas, personal injury compensation may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Damage to property
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering caused by injury

The Texas statute of limitations dictates that lawsuits resulting from personal injury cases must be filed within two years of the date of the accident.

Local Resources in Tyler

The Tyler Tyler tx police departmentPolice Department can provide reports of the accident.

When documenting your claim with our personal injury attorney in Tyler, it is important to keep all medically related receipts – including ambulance fees, if applicable – and police accident reports.

If possible, take photos or videos at the accident scene. Keep all insurance records and any information related to the incident. This helps your attorney with any claim or lawsuit.

If You’ve Suffered, Contact Our Injury Accident Attorneys in Tyler, TX Now!

If you have suffered a mental or physical injury resulting from an auto accident, a work accident, a pedestrian accident, or even a dog bite, you may be entitled to compensation and should visit the Dashner Law Firm. Geoffrey Dashner, Attorney at Law, can step in and help you get the resolution you deserve. At the law offices, our personal injury attorneys in Tyler always treat you as an individual, and your first consultation is always free.

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