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Motorcycle Safety: Sharing the Road with Bikers

Did you know that over one-half of all motorcycle accidents involve collisions with other vehicles? Sure, some accidents are certainly caused by the negligence of bikers yet automobile drivers also cause plenty of collisions. Let’s take a look at some quick and easy tips that will help you keep yourself and your fellow motorcyclists as safe as possible.

Motorcycles Blend in Quite Easily

Though no motorcyclist aims to blend in with his environment, the bike’s small stature allows it to hide fairly well. It is much easier to come into contact with a biker than most drivers anticipate. Motorcyclists commonly disappear in driver blind spots or end up hidden from sight as another object like a bush, tree or sign gets in the rider’s field of vision.

Even another vehicle can completely block out a biker who was previously seen as clear as day. The small size of a motorcycle also makes it more difficult to gauge its speed and distance from a vehicle so always proceed with an abundance of caution.

Slippery Road Surfaces Are Especially Challenging for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists have a difficult time coming to a quick and safe stop on a slippery surface. If it has rained or if there is a source of water or oil on the road, assume that the bikers in your vicinity will find it quite challenging to brake as quickly as the vehicles around them. Always allow bikers an extra amount of space for stopping, especially when the weather turns ugly.

Abide by the Four Second Rule

If you find yourself behind a motorcycle on the road, make sure there is considerable space between the two of you. Ideally, you will allow for a full four seconds worth of space. So pick out an object on the side of the road like a mailbox or a tall tree and begin counting once the motorcyclist passes it. If you find that you pass the same object within four seconds or less, you are following the biker too closely.

Look Twice, Save a Life

Motorcyclists can seemingly come out of nowhere. Part of their rapid onset has to do with the fact that they blend in quite well with their surrounding environment. Yet many bikers ride rather fast, so they can appear amidst unexpected heavy traffic in little time. You have probably seen the signs and stickers touting the mantra of, “Look twice, save a life” with a picture of a motorcyclist’s silhouette beneath. It is not just a hollow slogan. The truth is that a second look before making a turn really does have the potential to save a motorcyclist’s life.

An incredible 42 percent of all car accidents involving motorcyclists occurred as the result of a vehicle trying to perform a left hand turn. Unfortunately, some bikers mistakenly leave their blinkers and they don’t “time out”. This creates the impression that the biker intends to turn but really desires to continue straight. So be aware of these potential pitfalls and don’t hesitate to look twice before turning.

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