For many people, motorcycles symbolize various character traits—toughness, independence, or coolness, for example. But focusing too much on image and not giving motorcycle riding the respect it deserves as a challenging and potentially dangerous pursuit will make anyone look anything but cool.

Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

In fact, failing to consider the consequences that can emerge when you get on your bike will not only make you look foolish but can seriously threaten your safety. There’s nothing macho or impressive about sustaining serious injuries when they could have easily been avoided. Unfortunately, the attorneys at the Dashner Law Firm know just how common motorcycle accidents and other crashes can be. And they also know that pre-ride preparation can make all of the difference.

Pre-ride Safety Procedures & Following Road Rules

It doesn’t take an expert to understand that many accidents and injuries on motorcycles involving other vehicles occur as a result of poor driving decisions. To many, it’s readily apparent that driving well within the rules of the road and erring on the side of caution is the key to avoiding crashes and the liability that often comes with them. And in many ways, going through the proper pre-ride procedures will help keep you focused on driving properly.

Importance of Using Proper Motorcycle Equipment

One of the most important aspects that separate the motorcycle cool from the motorcycle fool is wearing the proper equipment. It’s no secret that your motorcycle needs handlebars if you’re going to navigate the road properly. Likewise, you shouldn’t set foot on your motorcycle without proper motorcycle gear such as smart footwear. Boots—preferably a pair that fits well but is comfortable enough for normal movement—are ideal.

Additionally, you shouldn’t wear anything that is uncomfortable or makes it difficult to move. Wearing flip-flops or shoes geared more toward fashion than function may get stuck in a moving part, which can lead to accidents. Wearing any type of loose clothing that waves around can also put you and others in danger if it is susceptible to flying off. Instead, cover your body with tight clothing and always wear a helmet to stay safe.

If you or a loved one is involved in an accident, contact the Dashner Law Firm at 972-793-8989 to reach an Texas accident attorney and learn about your legal options.

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