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Avoiding the Most Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

Here at Dashner Law, we understand those motorcycle riders often face a bias from insurance companies and the courts when they are involved in motorcycle accidents. The truth of the matter is that the majority of accidents that involve a motorcycle and another vehicle are not the fault of the motorcyclist. Bikers that are involved in motorcycle accidents in Arlington and other areas deserve to have their legal rights met.

The Blind Spot is the Number One Offender

Understanding the realities of motorcycle-related accidents is the best way to prevent having to experience this potentially life-altering event. Automobile drivers that fail to check their blind spots before switching lanes are the number one cause of multiple-vehicle motorcycle accidents. These scenarios are almost always entirely the fault of the automobile driver, as they fail to follow standard driving laws and violate the motorcyclist’s right of way.

Leaving ample room between a motorcycle and the automobile in the next lane is the simplest way to avoid an accident. It is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to staying out of other vehicle’s blind spots; other drivers rarely consider the amount of space the motorcycles need. Motorcyclists should also consider wearing a piece of bright clothing, have appropriate lighting and reflectors, and always use proper signals when turning.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, the team here at Dashner Law is ready to work with you to ensure that your legal rights are met. Please give us a call at 972-793-8989 or 817-864-9980 for more information.


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