Since the 1950s, the pharmaceutical industry has been developing drugs aimed at treating the symptoms of nearly every condition known to medical science. Much of the resulting treatments have helped to prolong the length and quality of our lives considerably while others- frankly- have presented a setback to the health outcomes of patients.

When Drugs Cause More Harm Than Good

Some of the products produced by today’s pharmaceutical drug manufacturers have proven to be defective, sometimes dangerous, and occasionally deadly. This means that some drugs on the market, advertised as offering health benefits to those to whom they are prescribed, will do more harm than good.

Sometimes the harm done by a defective prescription drug can take years to manifest in noticeable unwanted side effects. This can make it difficult to diagnose the cause of the harm done by defective drugs, making it all the more important that every attempt is made to hold the makers of defective drugs responsible.

In the same way, that any corporate, for-profit organization can place profits before people- the makers of pharmaceutical drugs are motivated by the desire to make money. Sometimes the goal of achieving profits is placed before the wellbeing of those who will take the drug.

The frightening truth is that many lawsuits are based on claims that a pharmaceutical company has, with full knowledge of the possible dangerous side effects, neglected to either improve their standards of research and manufacturing or has failed to disclose to the public- via proper labeling- the risks of using their products as intended. Many drug makers have been known to conceal clinical evidence that their products may be defective with the intention of improving the chance that their product will be approved by the Food & Drug Administration and that the government will erect few or no barriers to bringing the drug to market.

FDA Drug Recalls

When prescription drugs with potentially dangerous side effects are rushed out to the market for consumption by an unwary public- the unfortunate result is that people are often injured by the drug or die as a result of taking it. Sometimes these harms are done before the FDA ever has the chance to identify these substances as having side effects, the risk of which greatly outweigh the possible benefits of the drug.

When the FDA issues a drug recall and when many injuries result from the use of a given defective drug, lawsuits usually result. There is a range of categories that drug recall lawsuits can fall into such as product liability, drug injury, or medical malpractice lawsuits leveled against a pharmaceutical company.

Call the Defective Drug Injury Attorney

If you, or someone you love, has been the victim of an injury or died as the result of using a defective pharmaceutical drug– you may have a right to seek damages for your pain and suffering. Geoffrey Dashner, of Dashner Law Firm in Irving Texas, has the experience and the expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call today to receive your free consultation and take the first step to being made whole again.

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