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Personal Injury Attorney Dallas TX

Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are injured in an accident you need to seek competent legal advice as soon as possible. Waiting does not help your case. Instead, you must act fast to increase the odds of successfully getting recompense for what the other party has done.

When the medical bills, mortgage notices, and other costs begin to mount, you will realize you should have contacted an attorney.

You can be made whole again after an accident caused by the negligence of another. All you need is the experienced, compassionate legal advice found at The Dashner Law Firm. With over 20 years of experience, Geoffrey Dashner knows the Dallas area well and can help get the results you want. Speak with the legal staff now about getting justice, whether in the form of a settlement or a court-ordered financial award.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Dallas, TX

Personal Injury Attorney Dallas TXThe experienced staff at The Dashner Law Firm knows the civil law process inside-out, from start to finish. You need such an attorney by your side to keep the opposition from taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Many accident victims assume that the courts and insurance companies will have sympathy for the physical pain and financial losses they have suffered. The individuals fail to realize they have to prove legal negligence as defined by the Texas government. The Dashner Law Firm has years of experience doing so.

Let us help you avoid making a mistake that can totally derail your claim, cause a lengthy delay, or allow the other side to pay you a low ball settlement amount.

A personal injury lawyer can demand a fair compensatory damage financial award. This money is intended to make you whole again after an accident. Your legal representative knows how to accumulate all the evidence necessary to prove to the courts, insurance companies, and defendants the total monetary costs of the accident.

Dallas Car Accident Attorney

Dallas roads are some of the most congested in the nation. Commuters drive for hours each day back and forth from work and school. In fact, the vibrant economy here attracts thousands of people from other cities, with so-called “super commuters” regularly coming from as far as Austin and Houston. All of this means motor accidents are prevalent.

Dallas personal injury attorneysCurrently, about 35,000 car accidents occur each year in the city. You cannot assume you will be lucky and never get involved in one of these accidents. Instead, speak with a trusted Dallas car accident attorney at the Dashner Law Firm to learn more about your available options after an accident.

It is important for you to always contact the firm immediately. Attempting to negotiate a settlement with another motorist or insurance company alone can wind up being a serious mistake.

Quite often, car accident victims get tricked into making a statement that seems an admission of their own guilt for causing the accident. An apology for making some small mistake has been known to later be blown out of proportion into a full, outright confession for causing the entire accident.

The Dashner Law Firm can handle the negotiations and protect you from the opposition.

Living in Dallas

Life has consistently improved in Dallas over the years in many respects. The city enjoys pleasant weather most of the year. Southern Methodist University (SMU) offers a top-notch educational experience. Moreover, local fans can revel in the fact that the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL) remain one of the most successful franchises ever in any sport.

Dallas skyline reflected in Trinity River at sunsetWith so much going for the city, the cost of living has inevitably risen for the 1.3 million who call Dallas home. Right now, a family of four can expect to pay around $2,781.82 monthly in expenses. Also, the average home price is over $200,000. This number places Dallas at about mid-range among major cities of the world, especially since the average income is at a respectable $50,000 per year.

Thus, you can still live well in Dallas, just as long as you realize things are no longer as inexpensive as they once were here in the Southwest. For this reason, you should always be prepared for an accident that can add to your monthly budget.

Overall, life is good here. Dallas residents enjoy about 234 days of sunshine each year. This climate allows for lots of outdoor time enjoying the miles of parks and recreational facilities.

Also, a sure way to get involved in your community is to attend the area high school football games. In Dallas, Friday nights in the fall are for football. Everybody who is somebody is at the games.

Visiting Dallas

The city has a plethora of attractions for both visitors and residents. These include:

If You’ve Been Injured, Contact Us

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, contact the Dashner Law Firm in Dallas, Texas for a free consultation. We will evaluate your case and advise you if you have a claim. Under the Texas statute of limitations, personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the date of the accident.

Contact our Dallas personal injury attorneys today to help you with your case. Dial 817-864-9980 or contact us online to schedule a free legal consultation. Se Habla Espanol.


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