Basics of Texas Negligence Law


When a person fails to act reasonably in acting with a degree of care owed to someone else, that is called negligence. The facts of a case very much affect whether something would be defined as negligent or not. For instance, certain people are held to a higher standard as others (doctors, lawyers, etc.) and […]

Stay Safe This Valentines Day


Roses, chocolates, and romantic dinners are common gifts to be given around Valentine’s Day. However, it is possible you can be given a personal injury due to someone’s negligence. Many people are driving after a bit too much champagne and could easily cause a car accident. Here are some Valentine’s Day safety tips for all you love birds […]

How a Personal Injury Attorney Helps You

A woman is dazed after hitting her head on the steering wheel after an accident

A personal injury attorney can be crucial in negotiating your case to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. There are many reasons why it is important to hire a personal injury attorney. Attorneys Know the Law An attorney knows the law and procedure necessary to successfully bring a case for personal injury. An […]

What Is a Contingency Fee?


A contingency fee is the amount of money paid to an attorney in the event of a successful outcome in a case or a successful settlement out of court. Contingency fees are paid out of the damages awarded to the client, as in the case of a favorable result in a personal injury case. Law […]

Legal Questions Surrounding Fantasy Football


Fantasy football is a fall hobby for millions of Americans across the country. There is nothing inherently illegal about making fantasy football rosters and keeping track of team winnings. However, playing the game for money raises some interesting legal questions. When organizing your local fantasy football league this season, consider these important points from Dashner […]