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Time is of The Essence: Why You Need a DFW Attorney for Your DFW Accident

When you are injured in an accident, the last thing you want to do is argue with insurance companies. You should be focusing on your healing, not distracted by the legal obstacles that are in your way from obtaining compensation. The biggest mistake that people make when being injured is waiting too long before contacting a personal injury attorney. There are grave consequences to waiting too long to file your case. In fact, waiting can prevent you from recovering anything at all.

Statute of Limitations

In Texas, the statute of limitations for most accident cases is two years. This means, within two years from your injury, you must file your case. While this sounds like a long time, you aren’t considering issues most cases face when filing an injury case. Your attorney will need a chance to build your case, craft an argument, and file all within that time span. Waiting until the last minute can prevent your attorney from creating the perfect legal strategy.

Finding an Attorney

The first step in filing your DFW accident case is to find the right DFW attorney. Finding an attorney has never been easier. The most common way is through online sources such as Avvo or Yelp. Online sites allow you to look at recommendations and reviews from past clients. Your family or friends may also be able to provide you with a good referral for an experienced DFW attorney. The key is not to wait too long to find an attorney who you connect and can help you with your DFW accident case.

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