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Why You Should Always Get Medical Attention After an Accident

Medical Attention After an Accident

Misplaced pride can make you do strange things sometimes, including a decision not to get medical treatment after an accident. Shock can hide pain when you have a car accident injury, and it can make you think that you are not hurt. A medical examination determines your physical status, and it provides proof of your injuries. The Dashner Law Firm can help you recover compensation based on solid medical documentation.

Admitting that you were injured may hurt your pride, but that is only in your mind. The physical damage to your body has long-lasting effects that can cause pain for the rest of your life. A medical exam protects your health as well as your ability to file a successful insurance claim.

Supporting a Claim with Evidence

To get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries and losses, you need proof that is completely reliable. The cost of medical treatment and therapy for years to come, your inability to work and lost wages deserve compensation, but you need proof that is irrefutable. Written records by a doctor are more valuable in a claim than your personal statement. Treatment by your regular physician is especially valuable since it allows access to your medical history.

Taking Immediate Action

Emergency medical teams that respond to automobile accidents can provide transportation to a medical facility unless you refuse it. An accident interrupts your life in serious ways, taking the time that you need for your job or other activities. Nothing, however, is as important as going to the doctor after an accident. Establishing your physical condition as soon as possible is the most important thing that you can do, and it takes priority over everything else.

Letting an Attorney Work for You

Attorney Dashner is an expert in personal injury claims, and your chance of recovering compensation for your damages improves when you have the best legal representation by an Irving accident attorney. You can help your attorney succeed when you get an immediate medical evaluation of your physical condition.

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