When car accidents occur, they can be disruptive to your life, both in the short term and for a longer period of time. You may be left with long-lasting physical and emotional injuries, in addition to damage to your vehicle. It can be frightening if you don’t know what to expect.

Opening a Claim with Your Auto Insurance

You probably already know what steps you should take after an accident, including calling 911, exchanging driver and insurance company information, and taking pictures. You may however not know what to expect from your auto insurance company.

When you call your insurance company to report an accident, you will be asked a series of standard questions designed to find out what happened, what the damage was to your vehicle, and any other vehicles involved in the accident, and whether anyone was injured in the crash. The insurance company will use this information to open a claim for you and will assign a claims adjuster to be your point of contact throughout the claims resolution process.

The claims adjuster (or team) is responsible for looking at medical reports, examining vehicle damage, speaking with witnesses, examining the scene of the crash as needed, and managing vehicle repairs, and determining fault for the accident. After the determination of fault has been made, the insurance companies will allocate expenses and negotiate with each other for payment.

Generally, each insurance company covers the costs of its driver’s medical care and vehicle repair. In the event the other driver involved in your accident was uninsured or underinsured, your insurance company will pay for your injuries sustained during the crash, but generally will not pay for your vehicle repairs unless you elected collision coverage or specific “uninsured/underinsured driver” coverage for your policy.

Why You Should Contact an Attorney

The insurers’ main goal is to protect themselves from loss, not necessarily to look out for your best interests. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact an attorney as soon as possible to help protect your rights. An experienced Personal Injury attorney will help you by advocating vigorously for you and will handle communications with the other party and their insurance company, so you don’t need to.

The Dashner Law Firm will work with you and for you, so you get the compensation you deserve to get you back on your feet again. While accidents are never easy, taking the appropriate steps will help you navigate the process. Contact Geoffrey Dashner, an Irving, TX-based attorney, at 972-793-8989 to schedule your initial consultation.


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