The more driving experience you get, the more skills you acquire. However, when so much time has passed since you have taken your driver’s education course, you may start to forget some basic laws. It is important that you know the basic of driving laws so you can better protect yourself and others.  Dashner Law Firm always wants our clients to be fully informed on all laws, including those set by the Department of Public Safety. Here are a few important driving laws that tend to be forgotten over time.

Banned Automobile Equipment

While it is fun to outfit your vehicle with aftermarket equipment, it is important that you do not violate the law. There are some specific items that are banned from being installed on a civilian vehicle. This includes:

  • Any red or flashing lights showing from the front.
  • Any siren, whistle, or bell
  • Muffler cutouts
  • Any part that extends more than three inches beyond the left side or six inches on the right on the side of your vehicle
  • Any device that can interfere with a laser or radar device used to measure a vehicle’s speed

Before modifying your vehicle, it is always best to read up on your city’s local laws.

Railroad Grade Crossings

In Texas, we have many railroad crossings that go through high-traffic areas. Many people don’t know how to handle railroad grade crossings, which can be deadly. If you see a railroad signal that warns of a train or a train that is within 1,500 feet away, you should stop between 15-50 feet from the crossing. Never try to outrun a train.

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