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What Every Driver and Passenger Needs to Know About 18-Wheeler Accidents

What To Know About 18-Wheeler Trucks

To help victims be better prepared when they contact their attorney, here is what you need to know about 18-wheeler trucks. 18-wheeler accidents can lead to serious consequences. The physical pain is just the start of the trouble. Some victims wind up with a mountain of medical bills that can mean serious financial problems, that can sometimes lead to bankruptcy.

One of the best pieces of advice is to contact a reputable personal injury lawyer for a consultation. This legal representative can fight the insurance company and negligent 18-wheel driver to get justice in the form of financial compensation.

18-Wheeler Accidents are Highly Fatal

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, nearly 4,000, people die in accidents involving large trucks each year.

Moreover, the size of these vehicles means they create lots of fatal multi-vehicle crashes. When hit by a big rig, cars and motorcycles tend to get tossed around into oncoming traffic. Everyone in the proximity of an 18-wheeler is in danger when things go awry.

18-Wheeler Accidents are Highly Probable

The NHTSA also finds that over 100,000, people get hurt in 18-wheeler collisions each year. These accidents occur with alarming frequency.

Quite often truckers face demands to deliver their loads to faraway locations in a short amount of time. These drivers may be on the road at odd hours trying to beat the clock. Some fall asleep at the wheel. Others, a bit groggy, suffer diminished reaction times. Either way, they become serious threats to the rest of the population.

The trucking profession, as is true of others, remains susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse. Spending long hours away from home and family can cause truck drivers to search for ill-advised ways to ease the loneliness. Behind the wheel, these truck drivers have the propensity to inflict a great deal of damage.

18-Wheeler Accidents are Destructive

18-wheelers and their cargoes constitute a large mass that, barreling down the road at high speeds, demolishes smaller vehicles. Even those victims who walk away seemingly unscathed may have internal injuries, such as whiplash, that may become more intense later.

Get Professional Legal Advice

A compassionate personal injury lawyer can demand the negligent truck driver pay compensatory damages. This financial award helps victims return to their state prior to the accident. Medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages are common types of damages.

If hurt in an 18-wheeler accident, contact Dashner Law Firm to develop an appropriate strategy to get justice.


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