Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. With the hot Texas climate, cooling off in the water is almost necessary. When you are enjoying sports in the water, it is important to be safe. The Dashner Law Firm wants you to be safe by following these important watersport safety tips!

Wear a Lifejacket

The biggest watersport safety tip is to make sure you are protected by a lifejacket. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, drowning can still occur. In watersports, you may be hit on the head or rendered unconscious. A life jacket can help save your life by keeping you afloat and visible to others.

Keep Your Distance

One of the most common injuries occurs when boats or swimmers get too close to each other. A propeller can do significant injury to a swimmer. Boating collisions can cause severe injuries just like a car accident. Make sure you are keeping a safe distance from other people during your activities.

Use the Proper Equipment

When you are participating in a watersport, make sure you are using the right equipment. Do not try and waterski using any other material than manufactured water skis. Use all the equipment as directed and do not try to repair defective parts. If you notice that something does not seem to be working correctly, do not use it. Bring it to a licensed repair technician or return the item for a new one.

When you follow these watersport safety tips, you greatly lessen your risk for personal injury. If you were injured while enjoying your summer water sports, you need to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney. Your injury may be caused by the negligence of another or due to a defective product.

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