Premise Liability Help

Sometimes it seems like consumers cannot catch a break. Between taxes, inflating prices, and a stagnant economy, it can be difficult to get the most for your money in many situations. And even when you patronize a business, whether a locally based, small business or a national chain, lack of care in managing the business property on the part of the owner can result in injury and accident.

But you are not without recourse in this situation, as accidents occurring on business premises give rise to a concept known as premises liability. This kind of liability arises when a client, customer, or any other person suffers an injury while on a business’ property.

How Does Premise Liability Law Apply to My Business?

Even if the business owner did not affirmatively do anything to cause the injury, consumers may still be entitled to generous personal injury settlements if an accident occurs on a property for which the business is responsible. Speaking to an accident attorney such as those at the Dashner Law Firm. We will help you explore your options.

Premise liability may seem to be an odd concept, but it makes sense from a public policy standpoint. While the idea of “buyer beware” is a common one on the marketplace, society does hold business owners responsible for the conditions of their premises.

After all, owners of businesses are in the best position to control the conditions of their property, and consumers should have a reasonable expectation of safety, particularly when they are attempting to patronize a business. It seems that the least a business owner can do for paying customers is to provide a safe environment.

How Does Premise Liability Protect Consumers?

Your rights under this kind of liability protect you from a variety of circumstances. For example, you aren’t limited to a claim only in cases where the proprietor created a dangerous situation. A business owner may also be liable if he failed to correct a potentially harmful condition, such as a slippery floor or an unstable step. Even if another customer caused the problem, the business owner may be liable if he had notice of the problem and failed to correct it.

Understanding your rights with this kind of liability can be tricky, so call an experienced Irving accident attorney at the Dashner Law Firm today at 972-793-8989.

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