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No matter where you live, work or play, you always face potential dangers that could result in personal injury. Whether you are walking down the street, driving a car, or riding a motorcycle, you can fall victim to someone else’s negligence. Depending on where you work, you may face an even greater threat of personal injury on the job. Our experienced legal team stands ready to assist, no matter what the odds.

In order to determine whether or not you will be able to make a successful personal injury case, you need to understand the concept of negligence. If your injury was caused by another party’s negligence, then you may have a valid claim. Negligence is most generally described as acting in a careless manner, such that another individual or party is harmed as a result. We all owe other people a duty of care, meaning that we should act in safe and reasonably careful ways. A breach of this duty is considered to be negligence

At the Dashner Law Firm in Irving, TX, your initial consultation is free and you will never pay any expenses or attorney fees until you collect! Your safety and well-being are our cowboy memorial texasprimary concern, so we’ll come to you if your injuries prevent you from coming to our office. We can refer you to medical specialists, along with other professional advisors, and recommend additional services that can help you while your case is being prepared.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of another person or company, a defective product, or hazardous property conditions, please contact us for a free legal consultation. Let Mr. Dashner protect you during the time when you need it most. For a FREE CONSULTATION, please call our office immediately at 972-427-3132. Take action now!

Personal Injury Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights & Benefits

Today, more than ever, if you get hurt, suffer damages, or incur unexpected expenses and bills resulting from an accident, you need legal assistance. You need a personal injury ambulance personal injury emergencyattorney with the skills, knowledge, and reputation to successfully represent your personal injury case. Geoffrey Dashner, Attorney at Law, has built a winning reputation as an advocate for clients throughout Texas. He delivers justice and results that you can count on.

Helping Texas Accident Victims Receive Compensation

When you suffer an injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, you are considered a victim of personal injury. Whether you were injured in a car accident, hurt on the job, or injured by a product you were using, it’s construed as a personal injury. This is described as all bodily and emotional damage a person may suffer. If you suffered a bodily or emotional injury because another party behaved carelessly or recklessly, then you may be entitled to financial relief for any of the following:

Our personal injury lawyers have dedicated themselves to helping people in your situation get the compensation that is deserved. With our affordable legal services, you never have to worry that a claim may cost you money if we don’t win your case. There is no need to hesitate with The Dashner Law Firm’s guarantee: If we don’t win your case, you won’t pay us a dime.

Compensation Claims and Lawsuits

In a successful personal injury case, you may be awarded damages or monetary compensation. There are two main types of damages that may be won compensatory and punitive damages.

  • Compensatory damages are awarded in order to directly compensate you for your losses.  Typically, compensation for medical bills, lost wages, damaged property, and pain and suffering are included.
  • Punitive damages, on the other hand, serve to punish the offenders and deter them from taking the same course of action in the future.

When you file a compensation claim following a personal injury, you may also be able to claim economic damages for any medical expenses or loss of earnings, in addition to compensation for your pain and suffering. As your personal injury lawyer, Geoffrey Dashner will put together a solid lawsuit that will increase your chances of making a successful claim.

Please remember that there are different statutes of limitation for filing claims in Texas. As soon as you are able, seek the advice of a qualified Texas personal injury attorney to ensure you meet the deadline for filing a claim. If you delay filing your compensation claim, you may find that you are no longer eligible to claim any compensation or damages to which you may have been entitled.

Winning Settlements & Compensation Awards

The true measure of our personal injury lawyer and car accident attorney’s success is our record of financial settlements and jury awards serving our client’s current and future needs. Life-changing injuries demand significant resources to maintain the quality of life our clients expect. We truly care that you get everything you need this is our ultimate goal.

Our clients will attest to the fact that we succeed beyond their expectations. We work hard to see that you receive full and fair compensation to ensure your future medical care and replace your lost wages.

You deserve justice and complete compensation when you’ve been wronged or injured. Personal injury attorney Geoffrey Dashner is on your side. His knowledge, experience, and proven trial skills will get you the satisfactory results you need.

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Call our Personal Injury Attorneys  serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex today. We’ll review your case and assist you in determining all of your options. Take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION by using our easy case evaluation form and someone from our office will get right back to you. Thank you for considering the Dashner Law Firm for your legal needs. Call 972-427-3132. We’ll discuss any questions you have and determine your best options for recovery.

Recent Settlement: $200,000
Slip and fall in Tarrant County, Texas on a sidewalk after a business left their sprinklers on overnight when the temperature got below freezing, which resulted in significant soft-tissue injuries. (Pre-Litigation costs were $1,327.13 and attorney's fees were $66,666.66, medical bills and liens $7,131.92, net to client $124,874.29)
Recent Settlement: $305,000
(Policy Limits) Motor vehicle collision in Harris County, Texas resulting in multiple lumbar and cervical herniations and corresponding neck and back surgeries. (Pre-litigation costs $1,105.03 and attorney's fees $101,666.66, medical bills and liens $98,989.93, net to client $103,238.38)
Recent Settlement: $337,500
Bicycle wreck where client suffered fractured wrist and corresponding surgery. (Pre-litigation costs were approx. $1858.79, and attorney's fees were $112,500, medical bills and liens $18,017.59, net to client $205,123.62.)
Recent Settlement: $300,000
Pit Bull attack with disfiguring scars to client’s upper arm. (Pre-litigation costs were waived, attorney's fees $90,000, medical bills and liens $4,807.19, net to client $205,192.81.)
Recent Settlement: $227,000
Slip and fall in a restaurant in Tarrant County, Texas that resulted in a serious elbow injury and surgery.(Litigation costs $13,139.11 and attorney'’s fees $80,800.00, medical bills and liens $16,871.29, net to client $116,189.60)
Recent Settlement: $250,000
Motor vehicle collision, which resulted in a severe knee injury and rotator cuff tear. (Pre-litigation costs were approx. $1,000 and attorney's fees were $83,333, medical bills and liens, $70,071.07, net to client $95,044.29.)
Recent Settlement: $79,500
Motor vehicle wreck where client suffered soft tissue injuries (Pre-litigation costs were approx. $701.06, attorney's fees $26,500, medical bills and liens $15,987, net to client $36,311.94.)
Recent Settlement: $950,000
Motor vehicle collision involving a drunk driver, which resulted in a fractured shoulder and pelvis. (Pre-litigation costs were approx. $13,500 and attorney's fees were $316,666, medical bills and liens $44,568.90, net to client $531,225.13).
Recent Settlement: $735,476
Motor vehicle collision involving an uninsured driver. Client suffered severely fractured leg and corresponding surgeries. (Pre-litigation costs were approx. $1629.05, and attorney's fees were $245,158.81, medical bills and liens $84,916.62, net to client $403,771.97.)
Recent Settlement: $450,000
Personal injury lawsuit involving a slip and fall, which resulted in a fractured ankle and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). (Litigation costs were approx.. $11,250 and attorney's fees were $180,000 medical bills and liens $52,758.23, net to client $241,950.06.)
Recent Settlement: $2,000,000
Wrongful death 18-Wheeler motor-vehicle collision in Martin County, Texas. (Pre-Litigation costs were $12,397.69 and attorney's fees $666,666.66, zero medical bills or liens, net to client’s family $1,320,935.65)

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Client Reviews

(Translated by Google) Our family used the Dashner Law Firm the assistant who works for Mr. Dashner called Iliana is an incredible person answered questions and emails immediately and made sure we were as satisfied with the outcome of the marriage I recommend this lawyer for car accidents and personal injury.(Original)Nuestra familia usó el bufete abogado Dashner la asistente que trabaja para el señor Dashner llamada Iliana es una persona increíble respondió las preguntas y los correo electrónico de inmediato y se aseguró que estuviéramos lo más satisfecho con el resultado de el casó yo recomiendo a este abogado para accidentes automovilísticos y daños personales.
Graciela B.
17:01 09 Jul 21
Dashner Law Firm really help me out in a tight spot! Thank you
Jake S
01:54 07 May 21
Very knowledgeable and take charge person, all about his clients! Great person! Would highly recommend his firm!
Steve T.
21:34 25 Mar 21
Illiana was my paralegal she was very helpful answered all my questions. Called me back just check on me. I was very pleased. Keep up good work.
Mimi C.
16:30 26 Feb 21
Dashner Law Firm resolved my case within a timely manner, staff is professional, very knowledgeable, and responsive. Thank you Dashner Law Firm for all of your hard work!
DeAndra D.
22:42 09 Nov 20
I was injured in a car accident and Mr. Dashner and his associates took very good care of me. I thank them for working digently and taking the time to help me when I needed it the most...Again,Thank you!!!
Latonya L.
10:31 28 Oct 20
Could not be more pleased with the service from the Dashner Law Firm and the outcome of my case. I was involved in an accident and was hit from behind while at a stop light. Dashner was helpful, thorough and professional throughout the entire process of engagement to settling my case. I highly recommend them. Eugene Teagle and Gracie Ibarra in particular were AMAZING to deal with. Pros all the way. Thank you Dashner Team.
Jon W.
20:58 19 Oct 20
Highly recommended.. gracie treated me very well as well as all the staff..!!
Anish M.
19:53 06 Oct 20
I hired the Dashner Law Firm to represent me in an auto accident that I was in that resulted in a lot of medical bills. The insured that hit me didn’t have the coverage to cover all of the bills. The Dashner Law Firm worked with the hospital, doctors and chiropractic firms to reduce the amount I owed and was able to settle with the insured’s insurance company to get them all paid. The process was easy and they were extremely professional. I would highly recommend the Dashner Law Firm.
23:16 19 Sep 20
I had wonderful experience with Mr. Dashner and his team. A thorough professional and highly responsive team helped with my case. I will recommend this firm and will rate them high.
Sanjeev K.
00:26 06 Jul 20
I had a really good experience, they made it easy. Always upfront and honest. Very friendly and answered all your questions and concerns. I got my settlement and I am super excited. Thank you Dashner Law Firm🥳🤗
Heather H.
18:19 26 Mar 20
I highly recommend Mr. Dashner and his professional law firm. If you require legal representation or advice look no further. Mr. Dashner and his team of professionals work very hard to make sure you have winning results. Great service, great work ! Thank you again Dashner Law Firm!
Maggie R.
21:57 18 Mar 20
One of the few Personal Injury attorneys out there that treats his clients like clients and not numbers. Truly the best in the game. Only person in the industry I'd literally trust my family with. Highly recommend.
Tyler T.
18:51 04 Mar 20
Liz M.
17:34 19 Feb 20
Respresentation was an astronaminal experience.Tomas visited my family directly with no hesitation. He and Mr Dashner guide you with no reservation. Excellent care from beginning to end. Highly recommend this firm
Savannah Marie A.
03:14 06 Feb 20
Great attorney's and staff .
Sandra S.
17:31 05 Feb 20
Excellent service
jennifer O.
17:25 05 Feb 20
I recommend The dashner Law Firm! They do everything to help you along the way and make sure your taken care of. The best part is that they speak Spanish 👍🏻
Dalila L.
17:23 05 Feb 20
Excellent customer service throughout our entire case.Highly recommend Tomas to all very detailed , professional and knowledgeable.
Lisa A.
17:21 05 Feb 20
Great experience with Dashner Law Firm ,kept me informed and updated about my case ,and very good about returning my calls as well . Definitely recommend them to anyone.
Christina A.
17:20 05 Feb 20
Top notch lawyer and their customer service is unmatched!
Xochitl C.
17:18 05 Feb 20
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