If you are starting law school this fall, it can be a mix of emotions. Law school is incredibly stressful but can be very rewarding. There are many things that you can do the summer before your first year to make it just a little bit easier. Dashner Law is happy to help attorneys-to-be with some helpful tips.

Find How You Study Best

While many people feel that they could get through college without really buckling down, it is not possible in law school. Law school entails an incredible amount of reading, writing, and critical thinking. Law school’s goal is to make you think like a lawyer, and part of that is figuring out how you learn the best. Try out flashcards, notes, and outlining to see what works best for you. There are many great books available on study skills that may be helpful to you.

Take Care of Yourself

Studying law can be all-encompassing and taking care of your health can get moved to the wayside. In order to be a good law student, you need to maintain balance. Eat nutritious food, get enough sleep and exercise. Also remember to take time to have a social life, which will help your mental state. The last thing you need is to burn out, which can lead to a complete halt in productivity.

Don’t Fall Behind

Law classes often have a lot of reading to do on a daily basis. While sometimes it may get completely overwhelming, it is important that you don’t fall behind. The work will have an avalanche effect, which will put you behind the entire semester.

Make Friends

Friends are not only great for social interaction but in law school, they serve as an important networking tool. When you are out of law school, you will have the proper connections in the community to help serve your clients.

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