Dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury can feel devastating. Unfortunately, this is often only the beginning of trouble for you or your loved one if you do not immediately obtain a personal injury consultation with a well-qualified lawyer.

The law firm should have a proven track record of success with personal injury cases. When you have a personal injury lawyer like Dashner Law Firm on your side, you are sending the guilty party or parties, as well as the insurance companies, a loud message: “I am going to fight for what is right and fair.”

Here are things to bring to your consultation, if applicable and/or possible:

1. Personal Written Details

You, any others involved, or witnesses who are able to describe the details of the incident should provide written documentation. It is important that you write down the details of the occurrence as soon as possible afterward to ensure you remember everything as correctly as possible.

2. Police Reports

It is vital that your law firm know what the police involved in the incident thought at the time that it occurred. We will need a copy of all available police reports as quickly as possible.

3. Insurance Information

We need access to your information, especially your health and/or vehicle insurance identification cards, immediately.

4. Media

This can include any photographs or videos that were taken of the incident. If you have visual proof that you or a loved one were harmed as the result of someone’s deliberate or negligent actions, we believe you may have a favorable personal injury consultation.

5. Medical Bills

Any damages that you may be awarded for your personal injury will depend on exactly how extensive the injury was. Medical bills can help the team at Dashner Law Firm determine the amount of your potential damages. Please give us a call today at 972-793-8989.

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