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How Do I Know If I Have a Strong Case?

If you have been injured as the result of someone else’s actions, you may be asking yourself the question, “How do I know if I have a strong case?” As soon as possible after your accident, you should consult with an injury attorney. At Dashner Law, we specialize in handling all types of personal injury cases. If we take your case, it will be on a contingency basis. This means that if we do not obtain a successful judgment for you, you will not owe us anything.

Supporting Documentation for Your Case

In order to figure out if you have a strong case, you need to look at your supporting evidence. For instance, in a car accident case, a police report showing that a citation was issued to the other party is pretty strong evidence of liability. Each of the following documents can bolster your case:

  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Photographs

Physical Evidence Is the Best Proof

All of the above are examples of physical evidence. In a personal injury lawsuit, physical evidence is always much stronger than a subjective description of what occurred.

You should be sure to seek medical attention immediately after the injury is sustained, so there will be a written record. Also, any photographs or eyewitness testimony should be taken right away and carefully preserved.

To answer the question “How do I know if I have a strong case?” we will look at the facts of the matter and assess the supporting documentation during your initial consultation. If the physical evidence supports your assertion that your injury was caused by the fault of another party, you will likely have a good outcome of your case. For a law firm with expertise in personal injury cases, choose Dashner Law. You can contact us toll-free at 972-793-8989.


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