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A Deeper Understanding of Personal Injury Law

We here at Dashner Law will do everything that we can to help you further understand personal injury law, and that includes helping you to understand what makes a good personal injury case. The better and stronger your case, the better your chances of winning and receiving the settlement that you deserve.


In order for you to have a strong case under personal injury law, clear liability will need to be established. This can be a product recall in a product liability case, a ticket for an auto accident case or a report that shows a hazardous material was present for a slip-and-fall case.


You’ll need evidence of actual damages and injuries in order to build a strong case. This includes physical injuries, a loss of wages and medical bills that you had to pay as a result of your personal injury. If your injuries are faked or minimal, you might have a harder time finding someone willing to take up your case.

Actual Assets

There is really no need for you building a case if you won’t be able to receive a settlement. Before you decide to continue with your case, you might want to first do some investigating to find out how much insurance coverage the defendant has. In order to do this, you might have to file a suit.

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