Summer running can be incredibly invigorating. It is great for your physical and emotional health to get out and pound the pavement. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to personal injury due to running injuries. Dashner Law has compiled a great list of tips for safe summer running.

Run-on a Trail or Sidewalk

When you are summer running, stick to a designated sidewalk or trail if possible. Running on the side of the road can be incredibly dangerous. When you run with the flow of traffic, a distracted driver could drift off the road and strike you accidentally. Completing your exercise on a sidewalk or trail is the safest route.

Stop at Crosswalks

While it may not be so great for your time, you need to stop at crosswalks until it is safe to cross. Running out into the street when you do not have the right of way is one of the common causes of pedestrian accidents. Make sure to look both ways and expect that cars may not see you.

Choose a Smooth Path

Sometimes certain sidewalks are filled with cracks, roots, and are poorly maintained. To prevent trips and falls, try to choose sidewalks in your area that you know are well kept.

Carry a Cellphone

While it can be a pain to hold things while you are running, a cell phone can save your life if you were to be hurt on a run. If you find yourself injured, you can quickly call for help and notify others about your location. This can be particularly helpful if you are on an off-road trail.

If you have sustained a summer running injury due to negligence or have suffered a personal injury, call the Dashner Law Firm at 972-793-8989 today. We would be happy to schedule a free consultation right away.

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