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How to Be a Safe and Smart Pedestrian

According to the CDC, almost 5,000 pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents each year. This averages to one pedestrian death every two hours! Those statistics are astoundingly scary. It is important to know how to be a safe and smart pedestrian, so you can avoid accidents and prevent injury or death. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe while crossing the streets.

Increase Visibility

Many motorists say they just could not see the pedestrian before the accident. Increasing your visibility, particularly at night is crucial. Bring a flashlight when walking and wear bright and reflective clothing. Look at the driver and make sure they see you before crossing in front of them. If you cannot make eye contact, wait to cross.

Use Crosswalks

Being a smart pedestrian means using designated crosswalks or intersections with a protected walk sign. Wait until it is safe to cross and then use the crosswalk. Be aware of your surroundings and do not cross if you see cars that are approaching, even if you have the right of way.

Use Sidewalks

When walking along streets, use the sidewalk if it is available. If there is no sidewalk, use the shoulder and walk with the flow of traffic. Try to stay as far from the cars as possible and stay aware of your surroundings. If you hear honking, move to the far side of the shoulder.

Don’t Use Headphones

Staying aware of your surroundings is key to being a smart pedestrian. Don’t blast music into your headphones while crossing the street. It can prevent you from hearing honks or other traffic noises that you need to be aware of.

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