Safety Equipment in a Construction Trailer

If you were injured in a construction accident the consequences could be catastrophic. You may be drowning in medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and not be able to go back to work for an extended amount of time. You need an experienced construction accident attorney on your side. Below is the general process of how a construction claim is handled and what you can expect when you and your attorney go through the process.

First Steps

The first step in filing your construction claim is finding a reputable attorney in your area. There are many resources that you can use to find an attorney in your city that is experienced in personal injury. You can ask for a referral from friends or family, call your local bar association, or look at online review sites such as Yelp,  Avvo, or Super Lawyers.

Gather Information

Before you meet with your attorney, gather all the necessary information for your claim. The information your attorney will need is going to vary depending on the specific facts of your case.  Bring your own written personal account of what occurred on the day of your accident. Gather all of your medical bills, prescription receipts, and any other record of the costs you incurred due to your accident. Provide any contact information for witnesses that saw your accident occur. All this information will be very valuable to your attorney.

Schedule a Consultation

After you have chosen a few attorneys that you think would be right for your case, schedule a free consultation. This is a short meeting with your attorney in which you can discuss the basic facts of your case. These meetings generally last anywhere from a half-hour to one hour in length. During this meeting, you will be able to ask your attorney any questions that you may have and hear the strategy the attorney has for your claim.

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