Homeowners Insurance: What Does It Cover?

An injured patient trying out new crutches

When you purchase homeowners insurance, you do so to protect your home and property from unsuspecting damage. Did you know that your homeowner’s insurance policy can also cover other types of legal liability as well?  Dashner Law Firm wants our clients to always be informed on how to better protect themselves from liability. Here is a brief overview […]

Premises Liability Law Basics for Victims

A sign cautions customers about the slippery surface

Premises Liability Law When you have experienced a slip, fall or another unfortunate mishap that has led to injury, you may be entitled to compensation. When such an accident occurs on private or commercial property, it may be because of owner negligence. Premises liability law requires business and property owners to disclose potential hazards to […]

Understanding Premise Liability

A sign cautions customers about the slippery surface

Premise Liability Help Sometimes it seems like consumers cannot catch a break. Between taxes, inflating prices, and a stagnant economy, it can be difficult to get the most for your money in many situations. And even when you patronize a business, whether a locally based, small business or a national chain, lack of care in […]