There is nothing scarier than being involved in a car accident, especially when you see the car that hit you drive off, leaving you stranded. Hit and run accidents are one of the most common car accidents, particularly during the early morning hours. It is important that you have a plan on what to do after you have been hit and the perpetrator runs.

Remain Calm

The most important thing is to remain calm so you can properly access your injuries. You may feel ok but that just may be your adrenaline masking the symptoms of your injuries. Stay put and if you can reach your phone, call for help.

Write Down Important Information

If you can, write down identifying information about the vehicle or the driver who hit you. Include the make, model, and color of the car as well as any numbers or letters or numbers from the license plate that you may have seen.

Seek Medical Care

After your accident, even if you feel your injuries are mild, seek the advice of a licensed physician. Sometimes long-lasting injuries are not always apparent. Getting medical advice about your condition can help you determine the extent of your physical injuries.

Speak to an Attorney

It is crucial that you seek out an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as you can. A personal injury attorney has the knowledge and expertise to help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Set up a consultation with a prospective attorney to discuss your case. A consultation is a short meeting with the attorney in which you are able to determine if they are a good fit for your case. They will listen intently and provide legal insight on moving forward.

If you have been involved in a hit and run car accident, contact Dashner Law at 972-793-8989 today. 

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