Automobile accidents are all too frequent events in the lives of drivers today. Everyone is supposed to carry insurance that protects drivers or passengers who are injured when an accident occurs, but not everyone does so.

If you have been injured by an uninsured motorist, you need to find a car accident attorney in Dallas-Fort Worth to help you sort through the options that face you now. The attorneys at the Dashner Law Firm are authorities on personal injury law, and you can get a free consultation to discuss your case.

Personal injury liability is a complex area of the law that provides certain kinds of protection. You may not know whether your insurance policy provides coverage for drivers who are uninsured, but Attorney Dashner can explain and clarify everything that pertains to your legal rights.

Can I Get Compensated if Hit by an Uninsured Motorist?

Most insurance agents do include coverage for uninsured drivers on policies, and it makes a big difference when you need it. You can get a clear understanding of the compensation you are entitled to when you discuss your situation with a reliable and knowledgeable attorney at the Dashner Law Firm.

The painful and uncomfortable injuries that you received in your accident may provide a basis for you to obtain compensation. The law has provisions that attempt to make amends for the harm done to you by others if you were not at fault.

Personal injury law cannot make up for all of the changes that have occurred in your life, but getting compensated for them is likely the next best alternative for you. If you missed time from your job, your attorney may file for compensation for lost wages on your behalf. Medical bills, whether they are currently paid or still awaiting payment, are frequently compensated as well.

Schedule a Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

As you try to put your life back together and figure out how to proceed, it is very important to remember that there are time constraints to think about. The time that it takes you to decide on a course of action can work against you, and you may improve your chances of obtaining a fair settlement if you do not delay.

You have an invitation to a free consultation at the Dashner Law Firm to discuss your options at this important time in your life. Call 972-793-8989 today, or contact the firm online.

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