Getting Justice After an Auto Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident you are probably upset. The negligent driver has caused you a lot of pain and suffering.

Physical discomfort is one thing. It can take months to get back on your feet again. But, there are also mounting bills to pay. Perhaps you have missed time from work. Before long the creditors will be virtually knocking at your door. The threat of bankruptcy looms large. What can you do? What should you have done differently?

The best thing to do is contact an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible. Never attempt to deal with the other driver or insurance companies alone. Work with this legal representative to win your case and get the justice you deserve.

Following are some things you definitely need to do to win your auto accident case.

1. Avoid Saying Sorry at the Scene

You will probably be quite emotional at the accident scene. Perhaps you will be recalling the events leading up to the accident, playing them in your mind. While talking to the other driver you might suddenly remember something you could have done better to prevent the accident. Then, you make the big mistake of saying, “I am sorry.”

Well, if the entire accident was not your fault, it just may have become yours now. That other driver who may seem so friendly at the time could try to blame it all on you. Emergency workers, passengers, and observers will be witnesses to your so-called confession.

2. Keep All Bills and Medical Reports

Unfortunately, the courts and insurance adjusters will not be swayed too much by any unsubstantiated claims of pain and suffering. Instead, you need to present them with hard evidence.

They want quantifiable proof of your injuries. Therefore, you need to keep all medical reports and how much you paid. Also, if you have lost wages, provide this documentation too.

With these numbers in hand, your attorney can show the courts and insurance adjusters the actual dollar figure you need to be made whole again.

3. Visit a Doctor Early

Do not hesitate in visiting the doctor. If you delay too long, the other driver can claim the injuries were caused by something else. The courts want to be sure of a direct causal link between the accident and your injuries.

4. Never Say You Are Fine

Never try to be tough after an accident. Plenty of people will be asking about the extent of your injuries. Tell them you are not 100 percent sure. Let everyone know that you will be going to seek professional medical advice very soon.

If you say you are “fine,” at the scene, the other driver can try to use that statement as proof that any injuries were not from the accident.

5. Take Photos

You will need to have photos of the accident scene. Also, be sure to take some photos of your injuries and those of the other driver.

Fortunately, you can just take out your smartphone and start accumulating this helpful evidence.

Legal Advice After an Auto Accident

Contact Dashner Law Firm for more information on how to win your auto accident case. This experienced Texas legal team can help you get recompense for the damage caused by driver negligence.

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