A car accident can be a rough experience, even if it is just a minor fender-bender. If there are injuries involved, the situation becomes even more traumatic. At Dashner Law, we are all too familiar with the physical, mental and emotional toll a wreck can take. It is important to know your rights after a crash as well as when to hire an attorney for a car accident. An attorney plays a key role in mitigating the costs associated with a wreck.

Protect Yourself After a Car Accident

There are a number of reasons that hiring an injury lawyer can be beneficial following a car wreck. If you have suffered serious injuries due to a negligent driver, it is possible that his or her insurance company may not cover the medical bills or try to short-change you on other expenses. Consider hiring an attorney if one or more of the following applies to your case:

  • You have had serious injuries with possible long-term effects
  • There is a dispute over what party is at fault
  • The driver is either uninsured or underinsured
  • Claims adjusters are trying to force you into a quick settlement

You should contact an attorney if you feel that justice has not been served.

Car Accidents & Your Financial Future

Car accidents don’t just take a toll on your body; they can also ruin your bank account. If you know when to get an attorney for a car accident, you may be legally entitled to monetary compensation for a number of expenses, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

Knowing when to get an attorney for a car accident can make all the difference following a wreck. At Dashner Law, we have years of success pursuing personal injury claims following car crashes. Allow us to help you recover and make sure justice is carried out. Call us at (972) 793-8989 or a free consultation today.


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