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Presenting the Breathalyzer Sister Concept, the Textalyzer: But Will the Law Allow It?

Textalyzer Concept

The laws surrounding drinking and driving are strong and enforced, but drinking and then getting behind the wheel isn’t the only problem. There are also issues with distracted driving, and one of the biggest distractions is texting.

While a number of campaigns have come out against texting, using social media, or taking selfies behind the wheel, there are still a large number of accidents attributed to those kinds of behaviors. In an effort to curb the behavior and lower the risk, the textalyzer concept was created by a group of lawmakers in New York, a state that has strict anti-texting laws for drivers.

What Does the Textalyzer Do?

The textalyzer would allow an officer who arrives at an accident scene to ask for the phones of the drivers who were involved in the incident. Then the textalyzer would be used to access the operating systems of those phones to see if there was recent activity. If a driver refused to surrender their phone, they could face a license suspension like they would if they refused a breathalyzer test.

For drivers who were found to be texting or otherwise using their phone in a prohibited manner, there could be additional charges beyond being cited for the accident and any damage that might have been caused as a result of it.

Whether the textalyzer will become an acceptable way of helping to punish drivers who break the hands-free law remains to be seen. There is opposition on some fronts, while there are others who feel that this needs to be done in order to protect innocent drivers from others who may drive around distracted and cause injuries and deaths. If the textalyzer does become law, it will be some time before it is implemented in NY, and it may also take years to spread to other states where hands-free laws are also currently on the books.

What About Current Texting and Driving Accidents?

There are many serious risks that come with distracted driving. These include bodily harm and death, or the serious injury or death of another person. Property damage can also occur, as distracted drivers can hit other cars, poles, or even buildings.

Often, these drivers harm other people who were not doing anything to cause an accident, but who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. These types of accidents are on the rise, and if something is not done to reduce the number of them they may continue to rise. While the textalyzer may not be the answer, it is one option to deal with distracted drivers.

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