If Someone Was Injured On My Property, Am I Liable?

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Sometimes accidents just happen, and no amount of cleaning or care will make a property so safe that no one will ever be injured. The most common place to be injured is at home, simply because you spend more time there. People get injured and even die in their own bathtubs. But when someone else […]

I Slipped on A Wet Floor – Is It Really My Fault?

cleaning in progress, and wet floor caution sign besides.

Slipping and falling on a wet floor is mortifying enough on its own, but claims that you are solely at fault just add insult to injury. You do not have to believe this rhetoric, as there is a way to accurately determine fault for accidental slip and fall cases. By examining the incident in detail, […]

Homeowners Insurance: What Does It Cover?

Personal Injury

When you purchase homeowners insurance, you do so to protect your home and property from unsuspecting damage. Did you know that your homeowners insurance policy can also cover other types of legal liability as well?  Dashner Law Firm wants our clients to always be informed on how to better protect themselves from liability. Here is a brief overview […]

What You Need to Know About Premise Liability Laws


When you own any sort of property, you may be responsible for those who become injured on your property. These laws are called, premise liability laws. These types of personal injury cases can get quite complex. That is why the attorneys at Dashner Law have created this simple guide to explain what you need to […]